1.Pipeline 2.IZOVAT Cyl 100 (AF)

application area

IZOVAT Cyl 100, IZOVAT Cyl 100 AF

Cylinders and half-cylinders Izovat Сyl 100, Izovat Сyl 100 AF provide pipelines thermal insulation with pipe diameter DN15-DN400, with thickness of wall insulation 25-125mm. Cylinders and half-cylinders Сyl 100 AF – covered with aluminum foil. Izovat Сyl 100 – without covering. Izovat Сyl 100 and Izovat Сyl 100 AF with the help of metal or plastic clamps should be installed.


1.Pipeline 2.IZOVAT 40 (50) Lamella mat

application area

IZOVAT 40 lamella mat, IZOVAT 50 lamella mat

IZOVAT 40 lamella mat, IZOVAT 50 lamella mat are designed for thermal, acoustic insulation and fire protection of tanks, pipelines and air ducts with diameter over DN400mm. The material is covered with aluminum foil. Lamella mats, due to their structure, don`t lose thickness in places of inflection, thus don`t lose insulation effect.